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Fri 1/6: Sam Grisman Project

When: Friday, Jan. 6, 2023, 9 p.m.

Where: Winstons Beach Club, 1921 Bacon Street, San Diego

Cost: $20 – $25

Age limit: 21+

Description: <p>The music that his Father, David Grisman and his close friend, Jerry Garcia, made in the early 90s is not only some of the most timeless acoustic music ever recorded, it also triggers his son’s oldest and fondest musical memories. From Sam &quot;What I find most inspiring about this material is the way their camaraderie and their love and joy for the music, simply oozes out of each recording. It is also impressive how deeply they get beneath their favorite songs&mdash;whether they are originals, covers or traditional/old time tunes&mdash;and how expertly that material was curated. My goal in starting Sam Grisman Project is to build a platform for my friends and me to showcase our genuine passion and appreciation for the legacy of Dawg and Jerry&rsquo;s music. By playing some of their beloved repertoire and sharing the original music that our own collective has to offer, we will also show the impact that this music has had on our own individual musical voices. Ultimately, there is nothing that makes me happier than playing great songs with my best friends and my hope is to share that happiness with audiences all over!&rdquo;</p>

Source: SD Reader

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