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Sat 11/21: CSUSM Theatre Arts: A Zoom of One's Own

When: Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Where: Online Internet Events, All over the world from, San Diego

Cost: Free

Age limit: All ages

Description: <p>CSUSM Theatre presents: A Zoom of One&rsquo;s Own Written by Maria Patrice Amon and Sonia Desai. No reservation is needed. Streaming live on CSUSM Theatre&rsquo;s YouTube page. Join Malinche (legendary Nahua interpreter), Charlotte Cushman (cross-dressing US actress), CJ Walker (first female millionaire in the US), Selena (Mexican-American pop singer), and Jahsi Ki Rani (India&rsquo;s warrior queen) as they explore their various art practices, business ideas, and activism through social media. Sing along with Selena as she shares a new YouTube video about Dreamers; join CJ Walker on Instagram for a free hair care tutorial; smarten up with Charlotte Cushman as she works on a new Buzzfeed article, get your rage on with Malinche on her Twitter tirade, and sharpen your defense skills with Jhansi Ki Rani as she demonstrates with best self-defense moves of 2020 through Facebook live.</p>

Source: SD Reader

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