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Sat 2/27: Recycle Right Lemon Grove: Andrew Barajas

When: Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021, 11 a.m. to noon

Where: Online Internet Events, All over the world from, San Diego

Cost: Free

Age limit: All ages

Description: <p>Recycle Right: Ask Me Anything with Andrew Barajas and the City of Lemon Grove: At our current rate of waste disposal, San Diego County&rsquo;s landfills are predicted to reach capacity within the next 40 years &ndash; with two of our major landfills predicted to close as soon as 2030. Recycling plays a key role in reducing the amount of waste being sent unnecessarily to our landfills. However, the recycling system only works if we all do our part to properly sort our waste. But how can we be sure we are following the proper recycling practices and guidelines? In this webinar, we will be breaking down the confusion surrounding recycling, and covering helpful tips for how to know what goes where. Recycling Programs Manager, Andrew Barajas, will be joining us for this event to speak with us about recycling in Lemon Grove. He will be sharing his in-depth recycling knowledge, followed by a live Q&amp;A session.</p>


Source: SD Reader

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