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Sun 2/21: Beginning Cold Process Soapmaking Class

When: Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021, noon to 4:30 p.m.

Where: Soapmaking Studio, 7301 Mount Vernon Street, Lemon Grove

Cost: $109

Age limit: All ages

Description: <p>Soapmaking 101 is a beginning-level soapmaking class designed to teach students to make soap by hand at home. The main focus of this class is the &quot;cold process&quot; soapmaking method although the class does briefly describe &quot;melt and pour&quot; soap crafting. After learning soapmaking safety, students are taught to formulate soap recipes and calculate lye quantities without using a &quot;lye calculator.&quot; The objective of this class is to have students understand saponification values and be comfortable creating their own soap recipes at home. Students make cold process soap during the class session and take home a bar. Attend in person. Prerequisite: None. Classroom hours: 4&frac12; hours, includes one 15-minute break. Class fee: $89. Materials fee: $20.</p>


Source: SD Reader

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