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Sun 8/25: German Currents Presents <em>Mountain Miracle</em> (2017)

When: Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019, 10:30 a.m.

Where: Digital Gym Cinema, 2921 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego

Cost: Not available

Age limit: Not available

Description: <p>An asthmatic with an attitude, Amelie (Mia Kasalo) has reached the point where people don&rsquo;t dare make fun of her illness. (Call her an &ldquo;asthma cripple&rdquo; and she&rsquo;s likely to kick the soccer ball you&rsquo;re looking to retrieve even further out of bounds.) Eager to ignore her allergic disorder, Amelie&rsquo;s happily divorced parents send her to a clinic in South Tyrol; if the therapeutics don&rsquo;t cure the restless teenager, the view will. There, she takes up with herd manager Bart (Samuel Girardi) &mdash; don&rsquo;t all remote sanitariums come complete with a dairy farm? &mdash; a curly-haired redhead with a galaxy of freckles. So far, I am indeed engrossed by the manner in which the character gets a handle on her disease. And in my youth, I would have no doubt cheered on the couple&rsquo;s ensuing escape up the mountain. Today, my allegiance quickly shifts to the parents, who start to fear the worst when the police return with their missing daughter&rsquo;s jacket, soaked through. At the risk of sounding like my father, the hills are alive with lessons to be learned. Directed by Tobias Wiemann. &mdash;&nbsp;<em>Scott Marks</em></p>

Source: SD Reader

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