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Wed 7/20: 18th Century Rococo Painting in France

When: Wednesday, July 20, 2022, 11 a.m. to noon

Where: Online Internet Events, All over the world from, San Diego

Cost: Free

Age limit: All ages

Description: <p>Virtual ARTSREach Lecture: The 18th Century: Rococo Painting in France: The word rococo is a humorous variation on the term rocaille meaning rockwork. Stylistically the concept refers to interior decoration which consists mainly in the use of C scrolls and counter-curves. The ideas behind the rococo emerged in France after the death of Louis XIV around 1715. Rococo thus developed as a reaction to the excessive splendors and pomp of Versailles and the overindulgences associated with life under the Roi Soleil or Sun King. Some rococo artists however continued to document life among the aristocracy. Rococo painting and decor were more focused on beautifying smaller residences that began to spring up in Paris. Porcelain, gold, and silversmith’s work was also created to complement these new interiors. The characteristics of small curves, prettiness, gaiety, and pastel colors can be seen in the paintings of this period. Two of the most significant artists working in France at this time were Antoine Watteau and Francois Boucher. This docent-led Zoom lecture will focus on these artists and others who gained recognition during the 18th century.</p>


Source: SD Reader

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